Inventory Management System

An efficient digital system to track, organize, and optimize inventory levels, facilitating inventory control and seamless supply chain management.

About Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System
  • Are you tired of the chaos and inefficiency in managing your Product Inventory?
  • Look no further! Our cutting-edge inventory management system is here to revolutionize the way you handle your stocks.
  • With our seamless and intuitive platform, you can effortlessly track, organize, and optimize your products and stocks, saving you time, money, and headaches.
  • Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets and welcome real-time data synchronization that keeps you informed about stock levels, sales trends, and reordering needs.
  • Our system is designed to streamline your operations, prevent stockouts, and boost your overall efficiency.
  • Experience the power of our inventory management solution and take control of your inventory like never before!

Features of the Inventory Management System

Add Products

You can add your own Products. And also edit them to make changes later on.

Brand and Category

You can set the Brand and Category of your Product.

Product Images

You can add up to 3 images for your Product.

Tags and Description

You can add Tags for easier searching purpose. Description also helps in searches and also as Product Description.

Neat Listing of Products

You can see your Products in a neat and productive way

Partial-type Searchable

You can partially type for the Product you are searching for.

Live, Unlive or Delete

Easy to make-Live or Unlive or Delete a Category.

Multiple-select Actions

You can select multiple Products to Live, Unlive or Delete


Products are sortable by Name or Rank.

Direct to Stocks

A direct button, from Product to Inventory Management.

Rank Products

You can rank the Products to re-arrange their display order.

Stocks In/Out

When Stocks come in, you can use this screen to add in the incoming batch. Same for outgoing. You can see the full history of Stocks coming in and going out.

Filterable by Product

The history is filterable by Product.

Balance Stock

The balance of Stocks is easily seen.

More Brands

You can add more Brands. Just click [+] and add in a new Brand.

More Categories

You can add more Categories. Just click [+] and add in a new Category.

Preventive Prompts

Adequate prompts to prevent wrongful/accidental deletions.

Steps to activate the Inventory Management System

  1. Access Getcha System by Signing In OR Signing Up .
  2. If you prefer not to Sign Up yet, you can choose to access as a Guest in the Sign In page.
  3. Go to Plugins > Inventory Management > Activate
  4. Then, you will be able to use this Inventory Management System in the Getcha System.